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Nursebro is an educational platform that provides an accessible pharmacology resource for nursing students to prepare themselves for tests and licensure exams.

Our goal is to become an integral source for students to obtain necessary information needed to study successfully and obtain their academic goals. By searching our collection of drugs, we hope that nursing students can find information quickly and focus on critical information relevant to nursing student coursework.

Our content is designed to provide concise, relevant, and critical pharmacology information that enables students to prepare for school exams and licensure exams appropriately. Our team at Nursebro will continue to update this website in accordance to the latest evidenced-based practice, feedback from our users, and newfound information that is believed to help nursing students, like you, attain their academic goals.

Our Mission, Values, and Vision

At Nursebro we aim to connect nursing students with accessible and reliable pharmacology content to succeed in school.

To us, educational curiosity, access to free information, and assisting others to pass nursing school are our core values that drive us to make Nursebro a helpful platform for all students.

We aspire to transform this educational platform into a primary pharmacology source for nursing students worldwide.


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